Friday, June 24, 2011

Furture Red Sox

So I was a little stressed out after the Minion cake. All that hand painting with frosting – whew. Bug’s birthday is next and after last year (the 8-tiered Bob the Blob cake) I braced myself for his request.

I think I got off easy. In fact I KNOW I got off easy. He asked for a Red Sox jersey with his name and number on it. (Can anyone hear angels singing?)


It just so happens that six months before his birthday I was at Wal Mart perusing the cake supplies. There’s so much cool stuff on that isle. Well, I stumbled upon a Wilton cake mold in the shape of a T-shirt on sale for $2.00. That’s not a typo, I said TWO DOLLARS. How could I pass that up? You guessed it, I couldn’t. So in my pantry sat the exact cake mold I needed to make his dream birthday cake.

Sometimes it’s good to be mom.

Bug loves to share his birthday with his cousin. They were born three days apart and loved each other at first site. My sister-in-law offered to host our mutual family. My nephew doesn’t love birthday cake – but he always eats mine. So I offered to make him a matching cake with his name and number. He’s as much of a baseball lover as my son. Plus!! He’s a Red Sox fan. The stars were all aligned.


I wanted to cover the cakes – one chocolate and one yellow – in fondant to get that smooth, fabric look. But Bug put a stop to that, because he doesn’t like the taste. So I stuck with butter cream. I don’t see anyone complaining.