Brownies are fantastic for so many reasons.
A. They are a straight shot of chocolate - hello!
B. They usually mix up in one bowl so there are less dishes to wash.
C. They cook up in one pan - again, low dish duty.
D. They can be easily enriched with simple ingredients like chocolate chips or caramel sauce.

Brownie Mix - I make a lot of brownies and they aren't all form scratch. But if you make your own mix - does that count as making them from scratch???

Over the Moon Brownies - More of a decadent brownie indulgence, this brownie is topped with marshmallows, a thick layer of frosting and chopped nuts. It's as rich as it is thick.

Bookies - A combination of dark chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies - yum!

Extreme Bookies - Take the basic bookie above and add Oreo cookies and marshmallow creme.

Extreme Peanut Butter Bookies - If your family loves peanut butter as much as ours, these Bookies won't last long. A combination of brownies, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter and peanut butter cups will keep you coming back for more.

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