Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Code: Make a Birthday Cake

Have you seen MEGAMIND?
Here's the trailer, check it out.

My kids love it. I wasn't so sure, but the humor isn't all slam-your-hand-in-the-car-door-and-scream. (Although there is some of that.) There's a lot of wordy humor - and I love wordy humor. There's also a nice theme about making your life what you want it and not just taking the path you see before you.

All the warm fuzzies aside - I cringed when Cole said he wanted a Minion cake for his birthday.

I gave Hubby that you-have-got-to-be-joking look. And do you know what he said? He had the nerve to back up the kid! "I know how you love a good challenge, Hon."


My first visions would have made Kerry Vincint proud.
kerry vincent is food network judge and host

I quickly scrapped the idea of sugar blowing a giant fish bowl and carving Minion out of cake. It just wasn't practical on my limited time schedule. So I went with a simplified version.


Here's the code.


For stability sake I did borrow a food network idea. I used rice crispie treats for the front. I made them in a round bowl and cut off the top and bottom so it would stand.


The birthday boy loved it! My only worry? What will they ask for next?

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