Monday, April 4, 2011

Building Blocks

I was giving a R.S. lesson on teaching your kids by using treats.

One quote I came across really struck me right between the beaters:
"Are you devoting your best creative energy to the most important unit in society—the family; or, is your relationship with your family merely a routine, unrewarding part of life?"

Though my family is NOT unrewarding it has become routine in many ways. There are many ways I could use my creative juices to help my family.
One of the best "tools" I have is Rice Crispy Treats. You can build almost any thing out of them. Here is an example of a simple wall.


Up there is Samuel the Lamanite. Everyone in class knew the story before I had a chance to tell them. I guess I made it too obvious. :-)


Anyway, next time you teach a scripture lesson, try making it something they can really sink their teeth into.

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