Friday, March 25, 2011

Birthday blues

Colkies birthday is looming close. Closer than I'd like. He's turning seven. That doesn't seem so old for a first born, but for a second? It horrendous. His old age aside, I'm excited for his birthday because he's excited for his birthday.

We went to the bakery to pick out cupcakes. I know what you are thinking. The bakery? Don't YOU bake?

I do.


But the school district has some odd rule that you can't bring home-cooked items to school. Posh I say! I have a current food handler's permit. But, alas, I must follow the rule.

So we placed an order and went on our merry little way. I had to pick them up this morning and will deliver them this afternoon so the kids can be all sugared up to ride the bus. (Sorry Ms. Bus driver!)


All in all, it's a lot more effort and money than if I were to bake them at home. But they are super cool aren't they?


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