Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I wasn't planning on making a 4th of July treat. We were going to be wake boarding on Utah Lake, so why bother right? But, the boating trip fell through last night and as I was laying in bed this morning - loving sleeping in for once  when a vision of patriotic waffles flashed through my mind.


I'm thinking it would have looked better if I used a pastry bag instead of a spoon to spread the batter. But my waffle batter is runny and it would have spread anyway.

You could also go with a hippie look.


My kids liked the flags best. In fact, Bug watched me make them. He leaned into me - not quite a hug because that would be too childish, just a lean - and said, "You're the best Mom." And for just a moment, I was.

Happy 4th!

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