Monday, August 27, 2012

Wonderful News

Hello there,
I have four first days of school this year. Yes, we had cookies on all of them. Actually, the kindergartner starts tomorrow so there is one more batch to put together. (Chocolate chips and M&M's please mom? How can I say no to that???) I find myself in a funny spot. Usually, I am jumping up and down with excitement that school is in, but this year, I was sad. I followed my first two out to the bus and waved as it drove away for three days. Three days!!! That is so unlike me.
I had to remind my preschooler to kiss me goodbye because she was skipping (yes skipping) away so quickly she forgot. What is this world coming to?
It's not like I don't have things in my life to keep me busy...and on that note.
I have signed a contract for a new cook book. It is a children's cookbook and I am super excited about it. I am also on a super tight deadline. Therefore, I will be taking a slight blogging break to release some of the pressure from my life. I will be back soon with wonderful food ideas and fun times with the kids.

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