Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cream Puffs

Problem: I’ve been editing my pa-toot (not sure pa-toot is a word, but we’ll roll with it) off this week and haven’t baked a thing. Sunday afternoon rolls around and, feeling guilty for denying my wonderful family something home-made sweet all week, I offer to make what ever my hubby requests. Dumb idea. I asked for it, I really did.

Ugh! Really?
“Yeah, it’s been a while.”
Crap. Fine.
Four dirty pans/dishes later these wonderful treats “appeared” from the kitchen.


My recipe only makes a dozen and that is SOOOO not enough for our family of six. Roo’s small but she can still pack away the yummies. Plus, she’s old enough to know when her treat’s being absconded by a sneaky mother.

If you’re up for the effort these are worth the time. SOME PEOPLE use Jell-o pudding for the cream in the middle. That’s cheating – cheating yourself out of the wonderful goodness of this carefully prepared deliciousness.
The recipe comes from the Betty Crocker Cook Book. (Side note: I love this book. I have had it for eleven years and the darn thing is falling apart like an over loved teddy bear. If you ever get one, try everything in it. Oh my gosh – you will love it too!)


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