Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pie Time

I was NOT in the mood for pie today. But it is pie season. I'm sure, as soon as the first really cold day comes or the first snowfall drops, I'll make pumpkin pies like crazy. But, today I was in the mood for cupcakes.

I remembered a picture I saw in a magazine? book? at my mom's house. (Feel free to give the reference below Mom. :-)) The clever cupcake designer had made cupcakes to look like pies. As luck would have it, I happened to have a big bag of M&Ms in the pantry. (Of course I always have a cake mix and frosting ingredients. What kind of a baker would I be without those???)

I baked the cupcakes according to the package directions. Well, not exactly... I put them in the oven and ran to pick up Rub at preschool. I forgot about the cupcakes and had a great time talking to the other moms - hi ladies! When I got home the timer was beeping and the cakes were - let's just say - well done.

After a reasonable cooling time of (ahem) five minutes, I frosted the top with a butter cream frosting tinted with cocoa powder. They don't have to look perfect because they are going to be covered up.


Next, I added the M&Ms in tight rows. I only used the blue, green, red and yellow Ms.


What happened to the other colors? I put them aside for another project. They were great Halloween colors.


An old-fashioned fruit pie would have a lattice design across the top. So I piped one in.


Lastly, the crust edge. I used the same color frosting for the whole project.


When done, they looked just like I thought they would. Delicious.


Best pie I never ate :-)


  1. You're so cute, Christina. WaAAAAaaay cuter than these cute pies! <3

  2. Yes, it was in one of those books I always seem to gather. Nice job, Chrissy. Love, MOM